B Is For Bat Colored Printable

B Is For Bat Colored Printable

B Is For Bat Colored Printable
by DogAndMouseCompany.com

Our B is for Bat colored printable has a picture of a cute little brown bat standing on a rock flapping his wings on the front. This template is great for children that are learning their alphabet. 
B is for Bat Colored Printable by DogAndMouseCompany.com
These colored templates work great for lapbooks and also great as cutout sheets. You can let the child cut out the bat  along with the words "B is for Bat" and let them paste it onto construction paper. 
B is for Bat Colored Printable by DogAndMouseCompany.com
 You can download this letter B page at this link below.
B Is For Bat Colored Printable

We also have a ZIP file that contains all 26 Colored Alphabet letters for you to print off. Our printable colored alphabet letters come as a digital download. If you are interested in that option then you can download that at this link below.

26 Learn Your ABC's Worksheet
From A To Z

What you get:

A Is For Apple

B Is For Bat

C Is For Cake

D Is For Donut

E Is For Egg

F Is For Feathers

G Is For Gumballs

H Is For Hat

I Is For Ice Cream

J Is For Jelly Beans

K Is For Ketchup

L Is For Lemon

M Is For Mouse

N Is For Nap

O Is For Orange

P Is For Pizza

Q Is For Quilt

R Is For Rat

S Is For Snake

T Is For Teddy Bear

U Is For Unicorn

V Is For Volcano

W Is For Wind

X Is For X-ray

Y Is For Yolk

Z Is For Zero

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