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Jamie Rosier, a cartoon creator, throwing multi-billion dollar story ideas into the universe one day at a time. 

Meet Some Of The Characters From Stincel & Ringlet:


Meet Stincel, a one toothed, calm, intelligent, taller version of his brother Ringlet. Being an intelligent and clever mouse, he sometimes likes to remind Ringlet of that with his smart mouth. Stincel used to work for the Post Office and left that job to run his own business. He currently sells wood for a living but is always looking for new ideas to make more money. 


Meet Ringlet, a shorter stubbier version of his brother Stincel, both of whom live in the town of Cheeseville. He has a passion for drawing cartoons and daydreams of becoming a world known artist. He is in charge of running the online businesses that he and his brother Stincel have. 


Meet Woodpepper! A friend of Stincel and Ringlet. He volunteered as a lab rat at Gold Key Labs for some extra cash and ended up with superpowers. 

Drip Drop (AKA- "Freezer Burn")

Meet Drip Drop, AKA Freezer Burn. A friend of Stincel and Ringlet and he just happens to have an infatuation with ice. His real name is "Drip Drop" but he prefers to go by the alias "Freezer Burn". He lives in Stincel and Ringlet's office freezer. He occupies his time by constructing things from the ice cubes. 


Meet Stinklet, a rotten, smelly mouse that has a zero IQ and tends to get his tail caught in everything. This is why you see him holding his tail a lot. Stinklet was adopted & raised by cockroaches & lives at the dump in a house that is mostly constructed out of trash and molded cheese.

Mr. Odoriferous & Mrs. Malodorous

Meet Stinklet's Parents, Mr. Odoriferous and Mrs. Malodorous Cockroach. But for short you can call them Odo and Mal. They adopted Stinklet the mouse when he was just a baby and raised him. They live at the dump close to where Stinklet lives. 


Meet Ambu-Mouse, AKA Ambulance Mouse driver for the town of Cheeseville. You will generally see him rushing to the scene to help Stinklet's tail. 

Pecan & Walnut

Meet Pecan and Walnut! Two low profile mice that live in Stincel and Ringlet's desks. They randomly show up on the scene talking quietly or doing something sneaky and then quickly disappearing out of sight. 

Jerry The Mailman

The elderly mailman mouse who brings and picks up the packages for Stincel and Ringlet. 

Cotton Candy King

Guardian and protector of the singing cotton candy plants that are located deep within the Cherry Ice Cream Cave.


Meet Roaster- The ruler of the Volcano Lava Cake land. He rules over his kingdom underneath the Cherry Ice Cream cave with his army of lava cake men. They are capable of getting really hot and melting anything they come in contact with. He teams up with a rotten visitor, Starnote, and conspires with him to devise a plan to wreak havoc on the Cherry Ice Cream cave. 


Meet Starnote. A greedy villainous creature that is devoted to plotting one wicked plan after another. He is the son of Sir Rhythmic and Queen Buttercookie. His mother is a star and ruler of the star cookie cave and his father is a music note king and the ruler of the music note cave. Both caves are located deep within the Cherry Ice Cream Cave. 

#02789F Ice Creature

#02789F is the name of the odd looking furry ice creature that resises in the ice cave & runs the "Cones Of Snow Stand". They grow and tend to their cones of snow garden trees and pluck off what they want. The stand has a list of flavors to pick from that are written in a color code format. 

Sir Rhythmic

Meet, Sir Rhythmic! He is the king and ruler of the music note cavern that is located deep within the Cherry Ice Cream Cave. He is married to a star shaped cookie named Queen Buttercookie. Sir Rhythmic and his wife Queen Buttercookie live in a castle and have many children including one villain named Starnote. Sir Rhythmic tends to eat to many cookies from his wife's cookie garden and ends up getting a lengthy lecture on self-control.

Queen Buttercookie

Meet, Queen Buttercookie . She is a star shaped cookie. The wife to Sir Rhythmic, who is a music note. She is the ruler of the star cookie cave that is located within the Cherry Ice Cream cave. Her and Sir Rhythmic have many sweet children together including one villainous son named Starnote. One of her favorite things to do is tend to her cookie garden that is right outside next to their castle. 

Mr. Peppermint Stick Baker & Sugar Stick

Mr. Peppermint Stick baker and his tiny sidekick mouse helper named Sugar Stick spend their days baking peppermint cakes & feeding them to the candy cane bats.